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GeoSystems Group

With Geosystems group, we unleash the power of Geospatial services by Creating, Managing, and Analyzing all types of data, as our solutions link all geographic information using Artificial intelligence AI technologies to break the complexities of data and simplify the adoption of these solutions

Your Ideal Partner for Geospatial Services

A Leading provider of Geospatial Technologies in Saudi Arabia


Your Ideal Partner for:

Geospatial Services

we showcase our innovations in interdisciplinary areas, for the smart cities industry our services offer comprehensive solutions that rely on our data-gathering methods.

exclusive partner to provide licenses for HEXAGON solutions in KSA and the Middle East

With Geosystems, cities can become smarter, more sustainable, and more livable

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What We Do

GeoSystem is a leading IT company located in Saudi Arabia, that transforms ideas into reality, where we offer unraveled solutions with aspirations and expertise to be in front of impact-makers in digital transformation

GeoSystems Services

Smart City

As civilization expands, people continue to move to cities as an ideal alternative to having better living levels. This transition imposes a real responsibility on governments to make hard efforts to develop infrastructure and move towards smart options to make cities more organized and efficient.

Geospatial services

Every day, we discover more about the world and interact with its components, as well as address ongoing challenges such as achieving sustainability in all aspects of human, social, and economic life, dealing with environmental challenges on the other hand,

A Leading provider of Geospatial Technologies in Saudi Arabia

At GeoSystems, it is not just about us developing geospatial technologies in digital solutions. The goal of our existence is to provide comprehensive systems aim to help you in your daily operations and automate them in a professional manner, that is capable of increasing your efficiency and raising your ability to deal with different scenarios at any time and from any place, we enhance your journey in Digital transformation and adoption of our services in the world of geospatial services through:

Providing geospatial platforms tailored to the nature of your business

Partner and agent of Hexagon Solutions for global geospatial services

Advanced and diverse experiences in many fields of geospatial technologies

Cloud-based data solutions and enhanced collaboration

Various geospatial services upon request

Custom request

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